Class Descriptions

Intro to Latin- Level 1 (includes Merengue, Bachata and Salsa)

Latin dancing is a fantastic social activity with the added bonus of meeting new people. No need for previous knowledge of Merengue, Salsa or Bachata or dance experience in this class. We’ll have you up and dancing in no time. You’ll learn the fundamentals of partner dancing and the basic steps to each style. There is no need to bring a partner as we rotate partners throughout the class.
Prerequisite: None. All levels welcomed.

Salsa- Level 2

By the end of this course you’ll feel everything is starting to link together and feel comfortable on the social dance floor. You’ll learn dance floor social etiquettes, spinning technique, body movement, weight transfer, music connection, partner connection and fluidity of movement.
Prerequisite: Completed Pivot’s Salsa Level 1 or has been assessed to enter this level.

Salsa- Level 3

At this stage you`ll become a confident, versatile social dancer. You`ll learn to execute multiple-turns, syncopation rhythms, intricate leading and following and advanced body movements.
Prerequisite: Completed Pivot’s Salsa Level 2 or has been assessed to enter this level.

Salsa- Level 4

We continue to grow your repertoire of moves, solidify your understanding of musicality, and expand on your history knowledge of salsa. Each week we’ll give you advanced moves you can use master ready for the social dance floor.
Prerequisite: Completed Pivot’s Salsa Level 3 or has been assessed to enter this level.

Salsa- Level 5

Prerequisite- invite only

Bachata Level 2

Bachata is a beautiful sensual dance style originating from the Dominican Republic. It’s now time to solidify and expand on the basic footwork. You’ll learn the different basic frameworks, partner connection, pattern combinations inclusive of the new basic footwork and some body movement to help you.

Bachata Level 3

To gain the fluidity and sensuality of Bachata you’ll learn body flexibility, isolations, and balance control. You’ll start to incorporate counterbalance principles with your partner and intricate lead and follow techniques.

Bachata Level 4

Bachata has evolved rapidly over its history incorporating different styles. Each week you’ll learn the different types of styles which have influence Bachata and how to incorporate them into your Bachata moves. Playing to the music is what’s takes a dancer to an advance level. You’ll be taught when and how to incorporate the different Bachata styles to the different types of Bachata music. You’ll also be taught advanced Bachata combinations each week.

Bachata Level 5

Prerequisite- invite only