acro, Hip Hop, Jazz, Fortnight and Bollywood classes

Need somewhere to drop off the kids over the March Break? Pivot Dance School is keeping it’s doors open for the kids of Mississauga!

The kids will learn Acro, Hip Hop, Jazz, Fortnight moves and Bollywood!

There will be loads of fun activities between dancing which will help kids connect, be inspired by dance and learn how to express themselves in a safe environment.

Kids March Break Prices

March Break Camp Cost

$180 (plus HST)

*Only weekly option available.

Early morning drop off (7:30am-8:30am) – $15 extra per day

Late pick up (4:30pm- 6:00pm) – $25 extra per day



Dancing Mission: Rebecca’s 15+ teaching experience teaching kids 5+ to adults 60+ has consolidated her believe that dancing is a fantastic way to escape, express and discover yourself at any age. She’s created a studio complex to allow students and teachers to do just that.

Teaching Styles: Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata

Coffee Order: black espresso

Random fact or fiction (you decide)?Owned a pet Koala in Australia

Matti Saidyfye - Pivot Dance School

Dancing Mission: To help kids love dancing as much as she does. To experiment with new moves that help them express their individuality.

Teaching Styles: Acro, Jazz, Tap

Coffee order: Double of everything coffee

Random fact or fiction (you decide)? : Runs 20km each morning at 4am

Dancing Mission: To inspire and train kids to level where they feel comfortable to perform.

Teaching Styles: Hip Hop

Coffee order: Triple shot mochaccino with extra chocolate, 5 natural sugars, double cream served with a smile.

Random fact or fiction (you decide)? :Toured with cirque du soleil in 2005 as an acrobat.