Student Compliments

“Rebecca created a breakthrough in my dancing. Feeling as though I had reached an unsatisfied and stagnant point, Rebecca never gave up, and provided me the push I needed to blossom into the more confident dancer that I am today! Having been a part of her choreography has taught me how to wield and embrace the power of being a woman.
As a coach and instructor, Rebecca has heaps of knowledge to offer. Her love for dance creates a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere for everyone to come on board. But don’t be fooled by her sweet personality! Her passion and drive is contagious and you may suddenly find yourself signing up for one of her boot camps! If you’re looking for an instructor, I highly recommend Rebecca. She is truly one of a kind.”


“Being taught under Rebecca has given me more than just technique and a routine. She’s given me the tools to build up my self-esteem and confidence in my abilities.
Rebecca is an incredibly talented teacher. She invests time inside and outside the studio to build an environment that is both challenging and encouraging. In under a year, I went from being a wallflower to itching for the spotlight thanks to Rebecca’s coaching. I am looking forward to continuing my growth as a dancer and performer thanks to Rebecca!!”


“Rebecca is truly one of the dance instructors that has had the most impact on myself as a dancer and as a member of the salsa community. She is a passionate teacher and can easily foster a safe and positive environment where you are not afraid to try and to learn. One of her many strengths is the ability to break down movement and present moves in a way that is easy to understand and makes sense.
Her teaching, just like her talent, is multi-faceted and ranges from moves to technique, styling, musicality, and performance. Her warm smile and ability to put humor into most situations, makes her classes and workshops all the more enjoyable. She is truly a gem in the dance community.”